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Hiroshi Chu Okubo & Lindsay Duo
at Machida-Tokyo & Fujisawa-Kanagwa

Hiroshi Chu Okubo Solo Concert
at Sagamiono

Hiroshi Chu Okubo Japan Tour
picture at Melsa Hall in Japan
June 2001

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workshop at Boston (2000 Oct)

Malaysia Concert tour pictures

Hiroshi joined MIOKO`s Concert
at Sep.30, 2000

Hiroshi will present solo Concert at Sagamiono Japan

June 23 Live pictures

Hiroshi went to JB & KL Malaysia & Singapore between May20 to May 30


HENTY Live pictures

Hiroshi presented concert at Shibuya at

Hiroshi went to concert tour at US
You can see picture at Cheery Blossom Festival at Washington DC

Hiroshi will present concert at FUJISAWA Japan at April 1th

Hiroshi presented solo concert at Sagamiono Green Hall at Kanagawa Japan
This concert will be CD album, It is comoing June 1, 2000

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